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TV Ears' Total Hearing System

TV Ears is a totally unique hearing system that provides crystal clear sound on any TV in the world!

TV Ears' Total Hearing System is a state-of-the-art wireless system that allows everyone to enjoy watching and hearing television - without disturbingly high sound! TV Ears' advanced features allow for a more natural listening experience for those with or without hearing loss. Some of these advanced features include:

Television Audio Processing (TAP) is a unique feature - the transmitter processes the audio from your TV or other audio devices and amplifies regular dialogue, hard to hear voices, and whispers, thus enhancing your TV viewing/hearing experience.
Automatic Volume Control (AVC) selectively compresses loud bursts of volume that are annoying when watching a program, channel surfing, or during commercials.
Infrared technology - TV Ears' infrared technology provides safe, superior sound quality without the interference and frequency drifting common to most 900 MHz radio frequency headphones.
Left-Right balance control allows you to adjust the volume for rich, high-quality sound in both ears.
The smooth rolling Volume/Tone Enhancer allows you to adjust the audio to your personal needs.
The Combination charger and transmitter can quickly charge two headsets at the same time.
Long-lasting charge - headsets will function up to 10 hours on a 3-hour charge.

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